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Background & More

Hello! I’m Arthi, an enthusiastic Data Scientist and seasoned Content Creator, weaving together the art of storytelling with the precision of data analytics. My career journey, from Pfizer to my current aspirations, is a testament to my passion for translating complex data into engaging and insightful narratives.

🔍 What I Do:
- Masterfully summarize extensive clinical study reports into concise, engaging summaries using advanced language models like GPT and Llama. This skill not only reflects my analytical acumen but also my ability to communicate complex ideas simply and effectively.
- Innovate in data management, integrating Python, R, and SAS to create robust data processing and visualization tools, showcasing my technical versatility and problem-solving skills.
- Lead dynamic teams to develop cutting-edge automation tools, enhancing data accuracy and efficiency, demonstrating my leadership and project management capabilities.
- Regularly contribute to Medium, where I share insights on data science, and the intersection of technology and storytelling. My articles aim to demystify complex concepts and share industry trends with a broad audience.
- Manage a YouTube channel and create engaging videos, where I break down data science topics into digestible, visually appealing content. This not only highlights my ability to adapt content to different formats but also my commitment to making data science accessible to all.


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